Auckland Botanical Gardens

The Auckland Botanical Gardens are located off the main motorway between Hamilton and Auckland (approximately 25 km from the downtown Auckland). This was the last day of our week-long site visit and we were anxious to return home to our girls.  The flights out of Auckland are typically evening departures but thankfully New Zealand’s largest city offers plenty to do.

The Botanical Gardens are free to enter and ideal for an afternoon picnic.  They have activities going on all the time based on the calendar displayed.  The day we visited hosted an outdoor yoga class and the attendees enjoyed a peaceful environment.

Auckland’s Botanical Gardens include over 10,000 plants and many were arranged in neat displays. The gardens are easy enough to do as a self-guided walk but bring your comfy shoes with the grounds spanning across 156 acres of land.

The Visitor Center is located at the front entrance and has an attached cafe’ the smelled yummy!

We headed straight for the Rose Garden which is my favorite!  I cannot resist the smell and the flowers were in perfect bloom this time of the year.

Auckland Botanical Gardens - Rose Garden - New Zealand
There are too many gardens to name here but some of my favorites (other than the Rose garden) were the Salvia collection, Magnolia Garden, and Herb Garden.

This was my favorite picture of the day with the bees doing their thing!

Auckland Botanical Garden - New Zealand
Once we had walked through the main gardens, they had open areas for walking and even a native forest trail.
I enjoyed seeing an assortment of trees and flowers that I had never seen before (or at least never noticed) having lived in the Northern Hemisphere.  There are trees all over the areas we visited that seemed to have their needles pointing upwards.  Andrew commented that it was because we were in the Southern Hemisphere and everything is upside down.  It was kind of the running joke all week!

Auckland Botanical Garden - New Zealand

The relaxing walk was exactly what we needed before a 22 hour trip home!

Auckland Botanical Garden - New Zealand

Auckland Botanical Gardens

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