Perrot Place

Our next stop in KeriKeri was The Perrot Place. I saw this on a brochure and know how much the girls love any kind of animal interaction experience.  I did not realize how interactive it would be though.  I got to hold the Perrot below while the trainer fed him since he’s a biter. (I went very casual this day due to being rained on the last few days. I wanted to be comfortable and warm!)

He is a beautiful bird!

The birds loved Andrew because he was the tallest.

Aubrey holding one of the birds.

Ella was not excited to hold a bird but was eager to pet one.

Like I said, they loved Andrew.  He has 3 on him in this picture.

There were lots of birds that I had never seen before.  I only took a few pictures of the birds in the cages but there were lots.

We then went into an open area where you could feed the birds peanuts. The whole family enjoyed this experience!

Ella really warmed up to the birds!

This experience turned out to be better than I thought.  I would not hesitate to go here again and would recommend to anyone.

Amber Herden

My name is Amber and I am finally tackling my bucket list all while relocating countries and raising two beautiful girls with my incredible husband.