Cool New Vocabulary – Part 2

Previously I posted cool new vocabulary that I learned following our move. There have been many conversations since then so wanted to add to that list.  These are some of my favorite new words  and conversations always get a good laugh.  My southern accent and vocabulary leaves an impression as well. As the saying goes, you can take the girl out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the girl. Arkansas born and raised and proud of it!

  • Morning or Afternoon tea – Usually a snack or finger foods
  • Wobbly – Kid tantrum or fit
  • Barbie – BBQ or Grilling
  • Gum boots – Rain boots
  • Sunnies – Sunglasses
  • Take-away – To-go-box
  • Zed – Kiwi pronunciation for letter Z
  • Wop-Wops – Middle of nowhere
  • Capsicum – green bell pepper
  • Dairy – Quick mart
  • Kindergarten – Preschool
  • Fancy – To like someone
  • Fizzy drink – Soda/Coke
  • Footie- Football game specifically Rugby
  • Foot path – Sidewalk
  • Heaps – A lot
  • Ice Block – popsicle
  • Jersey – Sweater
  • Lolly – Candy (a new favorite of my girls)
  • Toilet or Loo – Restroom or bathroom
  • Porta Loo – Porta Potty
  • Net Ball- Mainly women’s sport similar to basketball
  • Pram – Baby stroller
  • Pissed – drunk
  • Biscuit – cookie
  • Cuppa – cup of something (coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Fortnight – two weeks
  • Tomato sauce – catsup

Amber Herden

My name is Amber and I am finally tackling my bucket list all while relocating countries and raising two beautiful girls with my incredible husband.