Piripiri Caves Scenic Reserve

Piripiri caves are an easy 2 minute drive from Marokopa Falls and worth a stop while in the Waitomo area. New Zealand Department of Conservation displays green signs for noteworthy sights and we learned early to be on the lookout for them.

Piripiri Caves Scenic Reserve - Waikato New Zealand

The easy 5 minute bush walk leads to the entrance of the Piripiri Cave and open for anyone to explore.  A stairway descends a few meters so don’t forgot a light or cell phone in our case (technology is wonderful). The girls were originally hesitant about entering the dark and quiet cave but eventually we all stepped down to the bottom platform.  I did my best to capture a few pictures of the cave.

Andrew suggested we hide and startle the incoming tourists with bear noises.  The girls and I declined and made our way back to the car.

On our walk back we noticed unique rock formations as a perfect spot for pictures.

For some other free activities in the area see my Mangapohue Natural Bridge and Marokopa Falls posts.

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