Skyline Rotorua RotoVegas

Skyline Rotorua or ROTOVEGAS is an entertainment area located on top a mountain in Rotorua, New Zealand.  There is a sign and everything!

Skyline Rotorua RotoVegas New Zealand

The only way up is via the Skyline Gondola but plan for a full day once you arrive at the top.  The girls were entertained by watching the mountain bikers making jumps beneath us.

The picturesque view of Rotorua Lake makes the ride up worth it.

Skyline Rotorua New Zealand

The Luge

The Luge is a popular part go-cart/part toboggan ride down one of 3 race courses.   There are fast, immediate and beginner track options and the carts are controlled by pulling back to stop and letting the handles lean forward to go faster.  They request you only attempt the easy course on your first go before taking on one of the more challenging tracks.   The best part is our entire family could take part with Aubrey in her own cart and Ella riding with one of us.

Once you get to the end of the track a ski lift swoops you and your cart up to the top.  One ride is never enough!

Zoom Zip-line

Here you can fly superman style soaring over the trees below.  You can see my full experience here: Zoom Zipline – Skyline Rotorua

There are several more activities such as mountain biking, Skyswing, and others.  The full restaurant ensures you do not have to leave the mountain anytime soon.

Our last stop was to sample Volcanic Hills Winery located over the restaurant and overlooking Lake Rotorua. The wine was wonderful but the cheese plate may have been the best I have ever eaten!  Yum!

Skyline Rotorua New Zealand


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