Rainbow Springs

Easter weekend granted the girls an additional day off school which we decided to spend in Rotorua.  Our morning stop was to Rainbow Springs Nature Park.  Aubrey had been for a school field trip but I could not attend due to the “siblings not allowed rule”.

This was a great opportunity for my mom to see a live Kiwi Bird before her departure back to Arkansas. Rainbow Springs are known for having the largest Kiwi hatchery in the World even offering a Behind the Scenes tour for details on how their successful program is helping with Kiwi conservation.  There are no photos or videos allowed at anytime in the Kiwi enclosure.  This is a big deal as it can disturb and injure these nocturnal birds.  I found the Kiwis to be larger than I envisioned.  From the Department of Conservation. “Females are larger than males (up to 3.3 kg and 45 cm). Kiwi are long-lived, and depending on the species live for between 25 and 50 years.”

The beginning of the trail included gigantic Redwood Trees.  We took some pictures with them so you could see the size comparison.

Next we were entertained by their popular bird show.  I have seen similar shows at our zoos and wildlife parks but always a highlight.  The girls really enjoyed the show too!

We purchased trout and duck food at the admissions office and took the opportunity to feed them.

There were some amazing bird displays throughout the park.  They seemed to like mom!

The highlight for Aubrey (Ella too small) was a water ride known as The Big Splash.  It reminded me of a log ride from Six Flags or another similar park.  Of course no one else wanted to get wet so I had to take Aubrey (more than once)! Sorry no photos on this one.

I am a sucker for waterfalls and the park was nicely landscaped with a beautiful gardens and this waterfall.  They had a large playground/cafe area as well.

The girls cannot resist posing in front of animal statues! The people dressed as a Kiwi Bird and Tuatara came by to play with the girls.  I love Ella’s face in these.

The park took some group photos for us and superimposed a Kiwi bird and Tuatara into the photos.



Amber Herden

My name is Amber and I am finally tackling my bucket list all while relocating countries and raising two beautiful girls with my incredible husband.