Ella Turns 4

Ella’s birthday was unique this year.  She actually turned 4 while we were in the air on the way back from Houston. Technically she skipped her birthday since she slept almost the entire flight and when we landed it was already the next day.

Ella already asleep before take off!

Of course a 4 year old will not let you miss her birthday based on a technicality. We actually ended up celebrating it 3 times! Next year we promised her a party with her friends here in New Zealand.  She still had a great time eating cake and opening presents with family and friends.

Here are a few pictures from her celebrations!

Ella requested on a barbie cake and swimming party at MawMaw’s.  Luckily, the party took place before mom fell and broke her wrist.

Ella opening presents at mom’s.

DeDe had something special in mind for the girls.  Since this was the only time they were all together, she took them to Build A Bear to make a special friend to take back with them.  All three girls were able to pick out a stuffed animal and fill it.  They even picked out an outfit!

Aubrey making a horse.  She also received the honor of getting to pick out the cake and all the girls decorated it. This is the only cake I did not get a picture of … bummer!

Once we arrived back in New Zealand, I arranged to have a celebration at her school.  We brought cakes and they have a special birthday program for each child.  We had a great morning celebrating with all her school friends and teachers!

I have to admit I thew these together.  I picked up cakes the night before and found princesses from a previous cake to stick on top.  Lol!  I still had not recovered from jet lag. She thought they were perfect!

Ella blowing out the candles!

She seemed satisfied with all her parties and said it was enough.  Lol!  I felt a little guilty we did not do a party and invite her school friends to the house. I had planned to do so when we returned but the exhaustion of the trip was too much this time.  The weekends were jam packed already and it seemed like one more thing we had to squeeze in.  Next year we will go all out for her big 5th birthday!

Amber Herden

My name is Amber and I am finally tackling my bucket list all while relocating countries and raising two beautiful girls with my incredible husband.