Visit Fiji

Fiji was our 1st International getaway after relocating to New Zealand. We moved at the beginning of winter so we welcomed the tropical getaway.  September was the 1st school break we could get away during and took off for 6 nights in paradise.

We stayed at the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa located on Natadola beach.  We booked a Garden View room which I would not necessarily recommend.  The beds were small for our family.  If we were to go back, I would definitely look into a family room or suite.  The childcare is an additional charge and I later found other resorts that included the kids club in their price. Due to Ella’s age, we had to get an additional babysitter for her to attend kids club too.  Still it was worth it to have some alone time with my husband.


We had a great time playing in the sand and snorkeling around in the water.  This was the better beach on the main island.  The resort is located about 45 minutes from the airport and port. The only downfall is the long drive back each time you want to get to the port or local restaurants (for cheaper meal options).  The beach is covered with coral so make sure to wear your swim shoes.

The evening shows and restaurants were incredible.  We had a buffet breakfast every morning, typically spent lunch at the outdoor restaurant by the pool, and enjoyed all the themed buffet dinners.  However, we did splurge one night for a quite date night at the adult only (after 7 pm)  Navo restaurant. Make sure to book reservations as soon as you arrive or you might not get a restaurant table during busy time periods.

*Note Aubrey was selected to help with the lighting ceremony one of the nights we were there.  So fun!

The Spa was one of my favorites!  Andrew and I booked an afternoon at kids club for the girls while we booked a couple’s massage and swam in the infinity pool.

Take in every beautiful sunset!

Finally, do not for get your anti-frizz hair gel or at least invest in a great hat! Man it is humid there! Ever feel like Monica on “Friends”? Hopefully people my age get the reference.  At least Aubrey had the good sense to get her hair braided.

I am saving a couple of the activities we did in Fiji for other posts.  Let’s just say I was able to tick off two more bucket list boxes by the time the trip was over.  Fiji was incredible overall.  I hope to make it back there again some day!