Coromandel Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove was not on my radar before moving to New Zealand.  My friends have mentioned that it use to be more of a local beach but lately has become a tourist hot spot.  I can see why based on our trip up to the Coromandel.  Cathedral Cove is only accessible by walking trail (2 hours), water taxi or kayak. We decided a water taxi would be the best option considering we had our girls with us.  It only took about 10 minutes to get there from Hahei via water taxi.

Once docked you could immediately see the rock cutout but it was not until I walked through that I was in awe.  Stunning rock outcroppings were framed nicely by the big archway.  The beach was almost empty the week before Christmas compared to the following week where crowds flocked to the Coromandel beaches.

I am not sure of the purpose for the rock piles but someone must have spent a great deal of time making those towers.

We spent a couple hours playing around the beach before heading back through to catch a water taxi. My suggestion would be to avoid holiday weekends in order to capture the archway and rock formations without a slew of tourists in the background.

This should be on anyone’s bucket list visiting New Zealand!