The Luge – Rotorua

You will find the Luge in Rotorua, New Zealand or better known as RotoVegas to the locals. They describe the Luge as part go-kart/part toboggan.  First, you have to take the Sky Line to the top of the mountain where you will find a restaurant/winery, zip-line, adventure bike tracks, Luge and more.  You could spend an entire day doing all the activities.  The Luge has three tracks to try with beginner to advanced.  The staff will encourage you to go down the beginner first to get the hang of things before moving on to the faster and more challenging tracks.  Simply pull handlebars back when you are ready to go and release to slow or break. Ella rode with me as we went down the slower tracts.  Andrew did end up taking Aubrey down the immediate track but we did not get a chance to do the advanced.  My mom even had a go at the beginner track!

At the end of the track you catch a ski lift back up to the top to go again or experience the other fun activities.

The Luge from Amber Herden on Vimeo.