Fiji Tivua Island Excursion

A Captain Cook day cruise out to Tivua Fijian Island is the perfect getaway from your resort.   The playful and inclusive nature of the staff makes this a memorable experience for all. The day started by driving to Port before catching the Ra Marama over to the Tivua Island. On the cruise over the staff does their best to entertain the passengers by playing music, dancing and partaking in a traditional Kava ceremony. Not that you need a lot of entertainment considering the views are breathtaking in all directions. They even let my girls drive the boat!

Here is a little video of Ella pretending to be shy at the wheel.

Ella – Fiji Sailboat from Amber Herden on Vimeo.

Once we took the glass bottom boat into shore, we did a brief explore of the island before grabbing snorkel gear.  This was both girls’ first time to snorkel.  Aubrey did a little better than Ella who was done after about 10 minutes.  The beautiful coral surrounds the Tivua Island so we did not have to venture out far in the water. Too bad I did not have my underwater camera during our trip.  Andrew and I took turns snorkeling and building sand castles with the girls.

The staff served a delicious BBQ lunch buffet set-up for the entire group.  We ate and then the island kids’ club entertained the girls while Andrew and I swam further out for more snorkeling together. The girls had their faces painted while we were out. What do you think?

The Fijians are brilliant with children so the girls were happy to stay in the kids’ club.

Here are some of our favorite views from the island!

Finally. we boarded the sailboat for the trip back with more entertainment.  The captain even split a coconut for everyone to try. Oh yeah,  it was with his hand!

Private Tivua Fijian Island

We were told one of the yachts parked at Port was Mark Zucherberg’s.  I have no idea if that is true but they were amazing!

Private Tivua Fijian Island

I would recommend this excursion to anyone headed to Fiji!