Skyline Rotorua Zoom Zipline

Zoom Zipline is located at the top of Skyline Rotorua.  This particular zipline is a little different than previous zips I had done.  The options are either sitting or laying superman style for one long zip across the Luge track. The twin ziplines allow for a competitive race on the roughly 30 second ride from top to bottom. Of course Aubrey had an unfair advantage considering I weigh more.

Once at the bottom, you do a quick 12 meter drop backwards and then walk to the end of the Luge track to take a ski lift back to the top.

They forgot to mention that Aubrey should lean back as she catches the end brake and she bumped her head.  There was a small bruise but she was fine after a couple of minutes.

Zipline from Amber Herden on Vimeo.

Everyone needs a little applause at the end… right?

Here are a few of the before pictures.

I suggest adding to your bucket list but make sure to go superman style!

There are other amazing experiences at Skyline Rotorua (commonly known as RotoVegas) so grab a gondola and head on up.