The Drop – Zorb Rotorua

My Valentine’s Day gift from Andrew this year was a kid-free adventure day (don’t worry it was at my request). No flowers or chocolates required for this momma! All I wanted to do was be rolled down a hill in a big inflatable ball and whitewater raft over a seven meter waterfall.  My husband must adore me because that is exactly what he gave me!  We selected Zorb Rotorua after reading online they offered a track known as The Drop for daredevils seeking an extra adrenaline rush.

For those of you wondering, zorbing is a New Zealand invention where the rider climbs inside a giant sphere shaped ball and rolls around.  Rotorua increased the thrill by placing the zorb ball at the top of a grassy hill for added speed and less control.  You may feel out of control on the inside but do not fear for your safety.  The designated tracks keep the ball on course and two feet of air between the rider and ground soften the impact as you bounce around inside.

The Zydro zorb is when you add an extra element of fun by partly filling the center with water.  This has been the only available option for all our zorb experiences but I have been assured it is the best way to go. Who wants to be strapped into one place when instead you could feel like you are on a water slide.

Zorb Rotorua

If you read my previous post, you know we have both zorbed before but never at the same time.  This was the perfect opportunity to share a doubles ride before checking out the mystery track.

Once you arrive at the parking lot, the ticketing office looks like a trailer.  There are changing facilities and restrooms located on the premises.  We changed into our swim suits and loaded into the van for a ride up to the hilltop. They filled the bottom of the zorb ball with warm water and then you dive in head first through an opening.  The staff member double zips to seal the hole and gently rolls you to the gate. Within a few seconds the gate opens and you are on a downhill roll!

Andrew’s 1st solo zorb experience came on the Zig-Zag track as seen in the video below.  I was able to film from the observation deck while he simultaneously captured what was happening inside. It feels like you are going so much faster inside the ball as you are being tossed around.  This video turned out best due to Andrew attempting to hold the GoPro instead of wearing it on his head.

The only option for couples riding together is the straight track at this particular facility. We had never been able to Zorb at the same time despite both having done it before and our combined weight allowed us to speed downhill like never before!  This ride seemed to be over in a flash but all I remember is being splashed repeatedly in the face with water.  Might as well just keep your eyes shut and enjoy the ride (or bring a pair of goggles).

Note: The Zorb operator informed us “what happens in the Zorb ball stays in the Zorb ball”.  I had to laugh at this as it was impossible to get snuggly being thrown all around.

Finally, the mystery Drop track which I decided to do as a solo run. The Drop experience starts off a little slow pivoting through a tree-lined track before you drop off the Earth (staff description) and appear again at the bottom of the hill.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I should have attempted to stand up with the GoPro in hand.  The video did not capture the feeling of falling off a cliff unfortunately.  This track is still a mystery to me as you cannot see it from viewing area and little information online. How far is the drop? I need answers!

The pictures are from the end of the ride. You can see the zorb ball appearing from behind the hill.

I honestly did not find this one as exciting as the zig-zag track which is still my favorite.  There is a slight feeling of free-falling which only lasts a few seconds. The track seems to begin a little slower than the other tracks too. Though I am curious to see this track from the staff perspective, the most intriguing part is not knowing what is coming next.

Finally, the hot spa at the end of the zorb ride to warm up before going again!  This part is particularly enjoyable on cool days.

The Drop Zorb Rotorua

Overall, we had an amazing experience and this is a must-do for anyone visiting Rotorua, New Zealand. Next we headed to whitewater raft the Kaituna River Waterfall and finished our day relaxing at the Polynesian Spa.