Australia Zoo

I can remember seeing the Crocodile Hunter’s program many years ago and laughing each time Steve Irwin said “Crikey”. Before our trip to Australia last year, Aubrey watched “Return to Nim’s Island” on Netflix and I noticed the lead role was played by Bindi Irwin so I introduced Aubrey to her family’s story. She was so taken by Bindi that the Australia Zoo was her #1 requested to-do on our trip. A quick Google Map search indicated we were staying a couple hours away but seemed worth it to us.

I could barely contain my excitement as we walked up. Oh and the kids were excited too! The 1st thing we noticed after walking through the entrance were zoo keepers holding 3 or 4 animals or reptiles for up close viewing and pictures.  The animals changed throughout the day and each time we passed by the entrance gave a new opportunity for an interaction and photo with a different animal/reptile. When else would we have the chance to pat such a variety of animals/reptiles?

The zoo’s hands on approach is incredible and common to see the trainers working inside the exhibits or taking the animals for a walk.  We saw more of this closer to the zoo closing time so worth staying until the end!

Of course their popular attraction is the Crocodile Show where they bring a live croc out and tease it by splashing water and waving fish until it leaps out of the water.  They could not pay me enough for this job so they must really love what they do!

This show also features the big and colorful birds and large snakes.

Aubrey was most excited about seeing Bindi Island.  It had a cute little tree house that overlooked the lake and lots of animals of course.  She even wrote a note and left it with a staff member to give Bindi.  We heard her mother was there that day but I think Bindi may have been away.

My favorite part was the Koala and Kangaroo interactions.  We fed the Kangaroos and gave the sleeping Koala’s a pat.  We even saw a Koala come down from the tree and scurry along the concrete before finding another tree to settle in.  The enclosures all you to walk through for lots of interaction.

Of course the zoo features some of the typical animals you see at zoos worldwide.  We enjoyed an ice cream watching the African animals.

Finally, a quick photo with the Irwin family to round off an amazing experience!

Australia Zoo - Home of the Crocodile Hunter

Australia Zoo