Tāne Mahuta – Largest Known Kauri Tree

Tāne Mahuta is the largest known kauri tree standing proudly in the Waipoura Forest located in New Zealand’s Northland.   One of our first trips after moving to New Zealand gave us the opportunity to see this giant upclose.  They estimate the tree to be somewhere between 1,250 to 2,500 years old and towers over its fellow trees at nearly 170 feet tall.  The Maori name translates into “Lord of the Forest” which seems fitting.

From the carpark, there is an easy 10 minute walk before you find yourself face to face with the tree trunk.

The path continues to loop around until you reach a platform with a large enough opening for a full length picture.

Tāne Mahuta Kauri Tree

Tāne Mahut Kauri Tree

Andrew took this video from his cell phone and I wanted to share mostly to capture the girls’ descriptions. The kids have grown so much since this trip!