Nadi Zip-Line Tour – Fiji

Our trip to Fiji checked off lots of firsts for me and one of those was zip-lining. I have since had the opportunity to zip-line a few additional times but my inaugural time was truly a memorable experience.

The Nadi Zip Line Tour includes 16 zips and a cave tour.  This is not a venture for someone that prefers to sit on the beach with a cold beverage.  The equipment feels heavy as you climb stairs and make your way to the top. There are 6 zips on the ascend towards the top of the mountain and 10 zips to descend to the bottom. Though it is not a relaxing day at the resort, it is a unique experience that I think can be done with various fitness levels.  My 7 year old was able to do it after all! 

The staff was great and took care of all the beginner zip-liners even attaching Aubrey to the guide on a couple of the longer runs to make sure she was safe.  Just remember… “Legs Up!”

The more zips we tackled, the braver we became and even attempted to zip upside down.   My biggest issue was putting on the brakes too soon by pulling the cord with my hand before getting to the platform. Then I would have to turn around and pull myself in manually.  This improved as the day progressed!

The cave was full of bats so I was ready to get out of there.  I found it interesting but not somewhere I cared to be for a long period.  The scenery was beautiful though despite the cloudy day.

Finally, we made our way back to the equipment area for a Fijian cooked lunch provided by the staff. We loved how friendly everyone was on the tour.  I highly recommend this excursion on Nadi!



Zip-line Nadi - Fiji