Cape Byron Lighthouse Walk

Byron Bay is the coolest beach town with lots of restaurants and local shopping lining the square.  We would love to go back and visit this area again after moving to Sydney.  There are many beautiful beaches and lots of water activities; unfortunately, our drive only allowed for an overnight stay on this particular visit.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse walk was the one item we wanted to complete before heading out-of-town. The 3.7km scenic walking trail sounded perfect before another long car ride. The trail begins in multiple spots depending on your desired walk and we determined it would be about a 4 hour round trip (with kids in tow). The views are stunning the entire walk!

At the top, the lighthouse museum and observation deck are popular.  Ella was not old enough for observation deck and we did not feel like waiting until the next available opening to go up.   I am sure the views from the top or breathtaking and they advertise the ability to spot whales certain times of the year.

Byron Bay Lighthouse walk

We grabbed a quick snack at the nearby café and started on our descend. Look at what we spotted on the way down. Dolphins!

Driving is another option to the lighthouse but the area has limited parking with a fee. A great option for someone without the time to do the full walk.

We took the more direct route down which is quicker but added stairs. I felt a bit sorry for Andrew carrying the stroller and would not recommend a stroller for this walk.  I am pretty sure Andrew would agree with me on this point!

  This is a walk I highly recommend if in the Byron Bay area!

Byron Bay Lighthouse