Mount Pirongia Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain biking trails were added to my bucket list after Andrew surprised me with a bike last Christmas. Twenty years have passed since I owned my last bike and only rode around my childhood neighborhood. The exhilarating feeling of trying something new makes me feel ten years younger (minus the sore muscles afterwards that remind me of my actual age).

Mount Pirongia, located in the heart of New Zealand’s Waikato region, was a perfect spot to do my first mountain biking trail.  They had several trails to choose from (including a children’s trail) and were labeled by grades.  Since this was my first experience mountain biking we opted for the Easy As grade 2 trail.  The name is so Kiwi! Funny story… it took me a few times hearing “Easy As” with Kiwi accent to realize they were not adding an extra “s” to the end.

My focus on staying out of the mud and on the trail prevented me from taking many pictures.  We did have two GoPro’s with us.  One I wore on my helmet and another attached to Andrew’s bike.  The video did a great job showcasing Andrew’s day on the trails but next bike excursion maybe we should switch GoPro’s halfway through.

We had a couple of hours of footage so I narrowed it down to a few clips from the trail. Enjoy!

The Redwood trees were amazing!

Mount Pirongia Mountain Biking Trails - New Zealand

Picture of the Waikato driving away from Mt. Pirongia.

Mount Pirongia Mountain Biking Trails - New Zealand

There are several excellent walking trails located in this area for those that would rather have their feet planted firmly on the ground.  The summit walk was intriguing to me but unfortunately will not have time to do it before our relocation.  Hopefully I will get another opportunity to return to New Zealand and complete some of these walks.