Live All Blacks Rugby Test

The New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team is known worldwide for their tough teams year after year.  I had no idea the passion Kiwis felt for their rugby team until after their loss to Australia within a few months of living there. The entire mood of the country seems to depend on whether the All Blacks win their test (Kiwi word for game) or not. We were told many times go see a live test to capture the full experience so we did!

Andrew and I started our night with a pregame meal from an Auckland pub before catching a train to the stadium.  The entire train was packed full of fans wearing black jerseys donning a silver fern leaf in show of support.

The Haka

It is not an All Blacks test without the Haka to challenge their opponent. They are proud of this New Zealand tradition and all Kiwi kids grow up learning how to Haka.  My girls have even broken it out at home from time to time and I find it entertaining to see a four-year old slapping her elbows. The live All Blacks version is electric!  I wish we were a bit closer to share the intensity on the players’ faces. Incredible!

All Blacks Rugby Haka from Amber Herden on Vimeo.

All Blacks Test

The All Blacks started a bit slow as usual (often referenced by my local friends).  They were also working through a rebuilding year coming off a World Cup win and losing many veteran players. The second half the All Blacks began to pull away from Wales and finished with a 39-21 victory.

The rugby season is during the chilly and rainy winter months but we lucked out with a clear June night.

Live All Blacks Rugby Test

This guy from Wales cracked me up the entire night. Why is he dressed as a crab?

Live All Blacks Rugby Test

The atmosphere was great and a very cool experience!