Tropical Fruit World

My determination to visit Tropical Fruit World may seem silly to most but my love for fruit extends back to childhood. Give me a bowl of strawberries over a chocolate bar anytime!  When we were scouting out areas between Gold Coast and Byron Bay, Tropical Fruit World sounded like a perfect place to stop off for a couple hours.   They farm over 500 exotic fruits and the experience includes a tasting, farm tour, petting zoo, boat ride, island playground and more.  My assumption was the facility  would be set-up to allow guests to stroll at their own leisurely pace; however, it was organized differently with guided tours and specific times for each activity.

You cannot miss the giant avocado on the front entrance!

The first thing available to us was a fruit presentation and tasting.  This was a great opportunity to try some new fruits, dressings and products all offered at Tropical Fruit World.  We sampled everything and even took some fresh fruit with us on to Byron Bay!

Next we caught a tractor trailer ride through the farm on a guided tour.  They pointed out the diverse fruit trees and discussed how the family farm started.  This gave us a behind the scenes look at the how they run their fruit farm.

The tractor stopped near the bananas allowing everyone to pick and sample. Seriously, this may have been the best banana I have ever eaten.

Following our farm tour, we were dropped off at the petting zoo area.  Andrew purchased animal food so the girls could to feed the horse, goats, kangaroos, etc. Ella loves feeding all animals where Aubrey is more hesitant.  I cannot blame her either considering the kangaroos were a bit more toothy than the ones at the Australia zoo.

The boat ride was next up and the driver passed out a couple pieces of bread to everyone aboard.  The ducks were on a mission racing after the boat for most of the ride as passengers dropped bread crumbs.

The tour concluded on a small island which is basically a big playground. Our family enjoyed a miniature train ride, mini golf game, zip-line (see video) and playground.

Tropical Fruit World - Australia


Finally, we grabbed a ride back up to the front where we devoured our cafe lunch and fresh fruit ice cream!