Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua

The Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua, New Zealand is an incredible experience for anyone not rattled by heights.  The vision of then German tourist (now resident) and mechanical engineer, Alex Schmid, was to create a bird’s eye view of these magnificent 100+ year old giants.  The 23 suspension bridges are situated 6-12 meters above ground forming a loop through the California Redwoods.

The experience is a self-guided walk with plenty of benches for bird watching and easy enough for all ages. My oldest daughter especially enjoyed the display signs dispersed throughout the walk to emphasizing the forest significance. She learned plenty of little tidbits about California Redwoods and more!

Ella was a bit nervous on the 1st bridge and requested I hold her hand.  We had completed a tree walk in Australia but the steel bridges did not allow movement. These were a bit different giving a feeling of uneasiness as they moved around with each step. The special sling design utilized for bridge and platform construction ensured the trees grow unharmed and at a natural rate.  The nervousness did not last long and both girls had no issues finishing the walk.  My youngest even requested to go another round!

The treetop walk opens daily even offering a guided night viewing option where custom lanterns light the pathway.

Once you complete the Redwood Treewalk or for those afraid of heights, you can enjoy the Whakarewarewa Forest from ground level by taking one of the many trails. These do not cost anything as it is a National Park.  The girls were tired after a long day of activities so we only ventured into the forest for a short walk before turning back.  Here are a few pictures from the bottom.

I let Aubrey loose with my GoPro before the battery died.  Her commentary about the trees cracks me up!

Redwood Treewalk from Amber Herden on Vimeo.