Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge

Who doesn’t have a fire-breathing Dragon Bridge on their bucket list? Well you should!  My family and I were vacationing at the Furama Resort in Da Nang, Vietnam when a staff member informed us about an evening fire show featuring the city’s famous Dragon Bridge.

The show only happens at 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday nights. It rained on Saturday night and the girls’ jet lag kept them from staying up past dinner.  Sunday night at 8 pm I was sitting around in my pajamas when Andrew offered to stay with the girls. This gave me the perfect opportunity to attend the show. A few minutes later I managed to be dressed and out the door bringing only my camera and a few thousand Vietnamese Dong.

The resort concierge desk arranged a taxi that would take me to the Dragon Bridge show and then return me to the Furama Resort at its conclusion. I may have instructed him to take me to the grocery store on the return trip by mistake but that is another story.

My taxi arrived at the bridge around 8:45 pm and I made my way through the crowd for a prime spot.

The Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge Show

Dragon Bridge – Vietnam from Amber Herden on Vimeo.

Da Nang’s iconic bridge opened to the public in early 2013 and designed by U.S. based Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers with Louis Berger Group. The bridge features a dragon head with an almost snake-like body spanning across the length of the bridge.  The popular tourist attraction also serves another purpose connecting the areas between the Airport/Downtown and main beaches/resorts.

The six lane bridge split by the dragon is illuminated with thousands of LED lights.  The color of the dragon alternated throughout the show giving a blue, green and yellow appearance.  The fire would flame out for a minute or two before switching to a forceful water spray drenching the observers.  The children laughed and played in the water.  A couple of minutes later the fire started again followed by one last water spray.  The entire show lasted only a few minutes though a truly unique experience.

 Da Nang city lights up at night along the Han River!

Some of my other favorites from Da Nang were Lady Buddha and Ba Na Hills.