A Day Trip to Hoi An Ancient Town

The weather did not cooperate with us during the first few days of our Vietnam trip. Hoi An located about 30 minutes from our Furama Resort was the perfect rainy day excursion.  This unique Ancient Town has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and continues to preserve the resemblance of a southeast Asian trading port from the 15th-19th centuries.

The shuttle dropped us outside Yali Couture where they custom make clothing.  This purple coat caught my eye right away and had to come home with me!

Next we walked the open air markets shopping the various merchandise stands and shops. The narrow streets were packed with people and motorcycles even in the pouring rain. The people are friendly and adore children but their aggressive sales tactics can be a little annoying over time.  Even a glance into a shop would have someone asking “you buy something from me”.   In the beginning I found shopping to be overwhelming, but later learned to just say “no thank you” and walk away.

We did manage to buy our fair share of goodies though!  The girls each chose a hand painted mask to display in their new rooms. Andrew and I selected new artwork for our travel wall. We also found hats, dresses and handmade stationary to take home with us.  Finally, we concluded our shopping after a brief walk through the fish and produce markets.

As a way to avoid the chaos, a stroll along the Thu Bồn River sounded appealing. There were plenty of boats and lots of eager drivers willing to take us down the river.  They were trying to entice us by selling covered boat rides as a break from the rain.  Lol! Our time was limited before shuttle pick-up so we passed.

Hoi An Ancient Town - Vietnam

Several foreign cultures were noticable throughout this small port town. For exampe, this covered “Japanese Bridge” is unique due to the attached Buddhist temple on one side.

We purchased tickets allowing entry in various Chinese pagodas and assembly halls. They each featured such vibrant colors and beautiful designs.  We ran short on time to see them all; however, Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall Trieu Chau Assembly Hall and Chinese Assembly Hall were three of our stops.

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Let’s just say they do power lines a little differently than we do.  I had to snap a picture before we left.

Hoi An Ancient Town - Vietnam

This was such an incredible learning experience and culture shock for our girls. I love opening their eyes through travel!

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