Sky Tower – Auckland City, New Zealand

Auckland’s Sky Tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere at 320 meters. Andrew and I went up to the observation deck on our week-long site visit before moving. Then we took both sets of parents for a viewing during their stays. This is a must do for anyone traveling to Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland Sky Tower -  New Zealand

Tickets can be purchased underneath the lobby area in the gift shop. There you ride an elevator up 51 floors (186 meters above street level) to the main observation deck. This area offers panoramic 360 degree views of the Sydney Harbor and business district. The main observation deck features glass flooring for those with a strong enough stomach to look down. The girls were brave and both took a seat on the glass. The signs posted assured us the glass flooring was as safe as concrete.

The elevator continues up an extra 9 levels to the Sky Deck for the highest public observation area.

Once you are finished with the viewing platforms, make sure to stop by level 50 for the Sky Cafe. Snack on an ice cream cone and cup a tea while enjoying a spectacular view.

For those truly daring individuals, there is an option for a Skyjump or Skywalk. You can view the jumpers from the observation deck even timing the jump with a countdown clock.


Auckland Sky Tower

Amber Herden

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