Lady Buddha Da Nang

My first glanceLady Buddha - Da Nang at Lady Buddha, also known as Statue of Bodhisattva of Mercy, came from the Furama Resort Beach as I gazed across the sea. Lady Buddha sits high on the Son Tra peninsula located 14 km from Da Nang City. Her presence provides strength and protection to the fisherman below during storms. As you can see from the photo, the eyes appear to gaze down while her left hand holds a bottle of holy water and right hand exorcizes.

Lady Buddha, the largest Buddha statue in Vietnam sitting at 67 meters tall (equivalent to a 30 story building).  We did not see an option to go inside her on our visiting day; however, the statue has 17 floors with each floor featuring an alter and 21 Buddha statues.  Then a stairway continues from the 17th floor to a viewing area inside her head.


The Linh Ung – Bai But pagoda, opened in July 2010 following 6 years of construction, is the largest pagoda in Da Nang City.  The overall appearance reflects a mix of contemporary style and a traditional Vietnamese pagoda. The photos below feature only a small segment of the entire complex.

Through the main gate, you will find 18 white stone Arhat statues representing human emotions of joy, sadness, anger and love arranged by rule to protect the main shrine.

Also, below you will see a Buddha statue standing 2 meters high located in front of Lady Buddha.

The dragon shaped statues along the stairways caught my attention on our walk down.  The stunning views overlooking Da Nang’s white sand beaches and turquoise water was an excursion highlight for me.

Though this is a popular tourist destination in Da Nang, the pagoda is a place of worship, living, studying of Buddhist monks and nuns.

Lady Buddha - Vietnam

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