McLaren Falls – New Zealand

McLaren Falls is located in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region and only a short drive from one of the most popular tourist beaches.  Our 1st visit to the falls came over the summer months on our way back from climbing Mount Maunganui.  The water flow was almost non-existent which left plenty of visitors swimming and climbing around on the rocks.  I am told this is typical due to the power generation station located upstream.

The McLaren Falls park is a large recreation area with the waterfall located near the entrance. There are plenty of outdoor activities in the area like the Marshall Animal park, campsites, fishing and canoeing to name a few.

This past autumn New Zealand was unfortunately hit with two cyclones resulting in flooding.  Our last visit to the McLaren Falls only a few days following Cyclone Cook created this powerful waterfall.

New Zealand has some of the most impressive waterfalls I have seen. A few of my favorites are Bridal Veil Falls, Huka Falls, Marokopa Falls and Wairere Falls.


McLaren Falls - New Zealand

Amber Herden

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