Ba Na HIlls Resort – Da Nang, Vietnam

Our family took the World’s longest cable car ride to Ba Na Hills resort.  This was our last full day in Vietnam and we wanted to do something a little different. The tickets to Ba Na Hills are not cheap but we saved money by taking a cab instead booking a resort excursion.  Once we exited the 1st cable car, we took advantage of the stunning views and captured a few photos before boarding a 2nd (shorter) cable car ride leading up to the French Village and amusement park area.

On our final approach into the French Village, we passed over a rollercoaster. The amusement park was not something I had planned on.  The entire resort area would require several hours to see everything but we were not interested in some of the attractions.   We noticed right away that a lot of activities were tailored for tourists with cheesy entertainment, fun parks and numerous restaurants.

Check out a clip of some of the entertainment.  My girls enjoyed watching the performance mainly because they thought the ladies were dressed as princesses.

We made our way up the main stairs to visit the many spiritual landmarks.  We visited Linh Ung PogodaLinh Phong Temple, Campanile (tower holding large bell), Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple, Tombstone Temples.

The hot and humid weather combined with the amount of ground covered helped us work up an appetite.  Luckily there were plenty of restaurants to choose from in the French Village.  This guy decided to join us for lunch.  The restaurant staff did not seem amused so I am guessing monkeys are a common annoyance.

Ba Na Hills Resort - Da Nang Vietnam

Following lunch we headed back down to where we exited the 1st cable car.   There was a funicular (or cliff railway) that lead up to the D’Amour Flower Garden and Linh Ung Pagoda which we jumped on for a quick view. We had little time left on our reserved cab by this point.

We decided to head down the mountain to meet the cab driver only to find out that the cable car line we arrived on was no longer in service for the day.  We had to go back up the mountain and catch the longer cable line down the mountain.  This added an additional cost to our taxi rental but the ride down directly over the waterfalls was worth it.

There were plenty of other activities that we did not get to due to time constraints.  We noticed that you could stay at the resort but reviews mentioned that most of the entertainment closes early so might be better to simply take a day trip. This excursion is worth it for the cable car ride and mountain top views!

Amber Herden

My name is Amber and I am finally tackling my bucket list all while relocating countries and raising two beautiful girls with my incredible husband.