Aboriginal Art Light Show

Aboriginal Art Sydney Opera HouseThe Sydney Opera House recently unveiled a new light show starting at sunset and 7pm each night. The eastern sails feature artwork from 5 Aboriginal Artists during the 7 minute presentation.  The display known as ‘Badu Gili’, translating to water light in the language of Gadigal people.

Our 1st attempt to catch the show was a failure due to anticipating the artwork to be displayed on the Opera House sails facing the Harbour Bridge.   We waited for a full hour and nothing happened. Finally, I walked into a local restaurant and the bartender said he had worked there all week but had never seen the light show.  Disappointed we grabbed a bite to eat and waited for the 7pm show.

This time we would try the other side of the Opera House.  We followed a group of people around to the backside and onto a dock area.  I spoke to a person that had taken the Sydney Opera House tour earlier in the day and claimed this was the perfect viewing area.

The show started at 7pm on the dot but again we were too far down. We sprinted up the Opera House stairs to where there were already plenty of spectators. We found a place on the lower level and watched the remainder of the show.

I only had my phone with me so captured a short clip before switching to the photo setting. I wanted to be able to share the music and how the artwork moved across the Opera House.

The dark backdrop and fluorescent pictures came to life in front of us.  My only regret was our location on the 2nd platform did not allow me to capture the best angle.  Also, the light off the sail was a distraction in my photos.

A few weeks later we found ourselves in the Circular Quay area again in the early evening.  We decided to hang around for the 5:45pm show but the sun had not quite set.  The days are beginning to stay light longer meaning they will have to shift the times.  For this show we were there early and able to claim a spot on the top platform right in front of the sails.  We watched the complete show this time from the best spot!

I will say the artwork stood out a bit better with the black background but we enjoyed a stunning view of the Harbour Bridge following the show.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australia

The show is still new and many people I have spoken with had no idea it was even going on.  My advice would be to catch a show now before the busy tourist months!




Aboriginal Themed Light show

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