aMAZEme Hedge Maze

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a mouse trapped inside a maze? We learned exactly how they feel during our time at aMAZEme.  This facility features a gigantic hedge maze which I found to be more difficult than expected.

This 1.4 km maze made from perfectly manicured hedges is located a short 8 km from one of New Zealand’s hottest tourist towns.  Rotorua, often referred to as RotoVegas, offers something for everyone.  They have everything from adrenaline pumping activities, geothermal parks, stunning lakes, towering trees, and entertaining cultural shows. I simply love spending time there!

During a weekend getaway with only my girls, I created an agenda jam-packed with plenty of kid-friendly activities.  One of our 1st stops was aMAZEme giving my girls the opportunity to run off some energy after the car ride from Hamilton.

I wish that I had my drone at the time and was able to get an aerial shot of this maze.  It may have helped me to complete it a bit faster too!  Standing on a picnic table I captured a picture from above the hedges.

The Maze


Aubrey took off with my GoPro and I followed Ella as we weaved through the tall hedges.  The GoPro footage was not stellar as Aubrey had a shaky hand while she ran around. I should have strapped it to her head!


Ella had us running into one dead-end after another.  The maze is large so once you take off in the wrong directions, it can be a long way back to the other side to find a different entrance.

Once we made it to the middle (maybe I cheated a little), we posed with the victory flag.  Aubrey actually found the correct way through but she could not explain to me exactly how she got there.  She ended up opening a door for us at one point after several back and forth attempts.

The girls were happy to complete the course as it was blazing hot and they pretty much ran the entire course.


The tree stumps offered a better look at the course.


I stepped on another picnic table to get a 360 degree video of the course.

The surrounding mountains create a picturesque view.  The entire course is completely flat though so would be accessible to people of all fitness levels.


The way out was much easier by simply opening the doors with question marks.  They only open from the flip side though so it makes it difficult to cheat (unless you have a daughter way ahead of you like I did).



Once you have completed the course, there were plenty of yard games/activities to keep the kids busy. The short video below shows the girls racing teddy bears.

My advise would be to pack a lunch to enjoy on one of the picnic tables.

McGregor’s Garden and Bunnies

Do not forget to make your way back to the McGregor’s Garden to feed the bunnies.  The girls spent at least 30 minutes making sure to pick the greenest grass they could find for their new bunny friends.

Overall we had a fun morning getting lost in a giant maze!  For more from our trip to Rotorua, check out Redwood Treewalk, Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland, and Buried Village of Te Wairoa.

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