40 Bucket List Experiences Before 40th Birthday

My most asked question when people find out about my blog, “Do you have a specific list you are working from to make these posts?” The truth is I have several lists based on where our travels take us. I received many suggestions from friends about where we should explore next that I have to write them down to keep up with everything. Sometimes my favorite spots are local bush walks or hidden beaches.

When we moved to New Zealand, I started a must-do list of things I wanted to experience while we lived on this side of the world.  Since moving to Australia, it has grown due to our extended time Down Under! I thought maybe if I shared my 40 before 40 bucket list with my friends that you could encourage me to complete it.  There are obviously so many other places and things I want to do but this particular list was put together based on places Andrew and I have discussed going in the somewhat near future.  Fingers crossed that I can experience them before I turn 40!

I will strike through items as they are completed and make sure to add the link so you can read about my experience.

  1. Snorkel Great Barrier Reef
  2. See Uluru, or Ayers Rock at Sunrise
  3. Drive Great Ocean Road
  4. Pose with Eiffel Tower
  5. Eat pizza and gelato in Italy
  6. Venice Gondola Ride
  7. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
  8. See a production at Sydney Opera House
  9. Take Girls to Orlando Theme Parks (Disney World, Harry Potter World and Universal)
  10. Surf Lesson
  11. Swim with wild dolphins
  12. Camel Ride in Australia
  13. Wine tasting in Tuscany
  14. Swim in Bondi Icebergs Ocean Pool
  15. Eat Authentic Thai Food in Thailand
  16. Go Caving under the light of Glowworms 
  17. Bondi to Coogee Walk
  18. Visit Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand
  19. Explore the Paris Louvre
  20. Watch Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks in person
  21. Lay on Hammock in Maldives
  22. Experience Whale Watching Cruise 
  23. Explore Southern France
  24. Spot Wild Kangaroos on Australian Beach
  25. Go snowboarding
  26. Snorkel at Phi Phi Islands Thailand
  27. Bungy Jump
  28. Pose with Leaning Tower of Pisa
  29. Visit Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  30. See Vatican City
  31. Get of picture of Big Ben
  32. Walk Tongariro-Alpine Crossing
  33. Speed down the Waikato River on Taupo’s Fast Jet Boat
  34. Walk down Whitehaven Beach Queensland
  35. Take a picture in front of Buckingham Palace
  36. See Palace of Versailles
  37. Bask in the Saturnia Hot Springs in Tuscany
  38. Visit Hunter Valley Wine Country during grape harvest
  39. Whitewater Raft over highest commercially rafted waterfall
  40. Take a Thai cooking lesson

This list only displays the big things I want to do before my 40th Birthday.  You can read more about our travels, family-friendly activities, walks, ect. by clicking on the Home page.








Amber Herden

My name is Amber and I am finally tackling my bucket list all while relocating countries and raising two beautiful girls with my incredible husband.

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