My name is Amber and I am a proud wife and mother originally from Arkansas.  My husband (Andrew) received an incredible work opportunity in 2015 to relocate from Dallas, Texas to Hamilton, New Zealand. My girls and I support his ambitions and were excited to share in this new adventure.

Growing up in a small town, I had not traveled much in the United States much less International.  When I met Andrew in my last semester of University, I was blown away with the amount of travel he had done due to his year study abroad in Germany.  His work ethic and desire to be more knowledgable on all things has always been something that I admired about him.  Between raising two young girls and traveling around Andrew’s work schedule, I stay busy!  The last couple years have given us an opportunity enjoy more family time, learn new skills, challenge ourselves physically and make amazing friends around the World.

My goal is to inspire others to find their own bucket list while continuing to tick off my own list.  I plan to do this by devoting my free time to making moments like this one happen….

But most important ensuring our family spends more quality time together!

2017 started a new chapter in our lives with another relocation and this time to Sydney, Australia!

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