Learning to Drive in New Zealand

My biggest fear (which seems silly now) was learning to drive in New Zealand.  The thought of driving on the opposite side of the car and road seemed terrifying when we moved.  I think my heart was pounding more than my 15 year old self learning to drive for the 1st time. Now we are a week into driving I find it quite easy.  The amount of traffic is nothing compared to Dallas which helps.  The main... Read more

Auckland Botanical Gardens

Finally, our last day had arrived and we were ready to get home and see the girls.  We had one last stop to make 1st.  We had yet to explore any of Auckland (New Zealand’s largest city). We decided to drop by Auckland Botanical Gardens and then head to the Bay area for lunch and visit the famous Sky Tower.  I loved the smell of the Botanical Gardens (especially the Rose Gardens).  I’ve never seen... Read more

Hamilton City, 7,453 Miles

The countdown started to wind down and the car was here to take me to the airport.  I kissed my girls and left them in the excellent care of my our families as I headed to catch my flight.  It was finally here!  I had been looking forward to the official site visit for weeks but deep down hoping we made the right decision.  What if I hated it?  What if it was not as... Read more

The Beginning, 0 Miles

This is the story of how this Southern American family ended up on the other side of the World. I started this blog to share our experiences and pictures with all our family and friends back home. My name is Amber and I’m an ex small town Arkansan that met my wonderful husband Andrew in a college class at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. After a couple years of marriage we moved to... Read more